Made of contrasts

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Everyone (almost) loves pistachios! 💚

It's traditionally consumed roasted and salted as an aperitif, in ice cream, to season a dish, or in pastries… Pistachio liqueur is sometimes available too! But usually in the form of sugary alcoholic creams.

STRATO was born of this observation, and a desire to show another approach of pistachio flavour! STRATO is a distillate of Sicilian pistachios - the best there is, thanks to the mineral richness of volcano soil.



STRATO is all about contrasts!

On the one hand, with a sweet-looking light green liquid, based on Sicilian pistachios, with subtle notes of almond paste and vanilla, and an impressive length on the palate. Tasting it is a journey of its own!

An on the other hand, a very brutal and dark packaging, as an allegory to the mineral roughness of volcano landscapes on which pistachios grow in Sicily.

STRATO surfes on this contrasted identity, but tells a very coherent story!